Simple but relatively complete overview of gamified marketing.

Over at Mashable: HOW TO: Gamify Your Marketing is a very shallow, but simple and cohesive overview of gamification in marketing that would be nice to point a client towards (or any of the 84% of marketers that apparently have no plans to use games in their marketing). My major complaint is that the one-size-fits-all, API-based method provided by gamification companies and promoted in this article really doesn't produce the kind of results that a custom-designed solution, matched to a companies brand, targets and strategy, can.

Please, marketing managers, talk to someone with experience providing promotional games or using game mechanics in marketing, before you plan a gamification experiment. Recognize that the gamification providers are offering a product, not a strategy, and that if there's a mismatch between their product and your business, guess which they're going give precedence to.