Online Marketing Services

Website design and construction

Designing a beautiful, functional website starts with understanding your organization and your market and ends with site that you can control and edit. We use what we believe to be the best content management system in the world: Drupal, and our deep familiarity with Drupal means we can create beautiful sites while controlling design costs, integrate cutting-edge interface elements like jQuery and Bootstrap, design an information architecture that matches your products, services or community, and present your content in a way that search engines will love.

Keyword and competitive research

The most important part of your online strategy is understanding the phrases that the people in your market or audience use in search engines, and analyzing the online competition in the first couple of pages of search results for these phrases. Your competitors online may not be who you think they are, and the most commonly used phrases may surprise you as well. We use best-of-breed tools, including Secockpit and Majestic SEO to take a deep look at your online market, competitors and potential allies to create a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a more difficult process in 2013 than it has ever been before. We keep up to date on the latest techniques and pitfalls that affect your ability to rank well in search engines. We start all SEO campaigns with a thorough research process and audit of your current situation and use these insights to find the quickest ways to improve your search rankings quickly and sustainably.

Pay-per-click marketing campaigns

The reason that Google has been such a successful company is that online advertising works tremendously well, especially compared to traditional advertising channels. If you have not tried online search advertising, you may be surprised at how effective and cost-efficient it is, and if you are already using pay-per-click campaigns, we can help optimize and restructure your campaigns to get the best return-on-investment possible.

Content creation and management

All really successful websites have one thing in common: rich, engaging content. There is nothing else as important for your site than figuring out how you are going help your visitors by answering their questions, teaching them about the topics you are expert in and delighting them with interesting content. We understand the publishing process, from creating an editorial calendar to content curation, and we can help to create your own process for producing great content.