Casino Marketing - online marketing for brick and mortar casinos

Brick-and-mortar casinos are poised to enter the 21st century by beginning to use online marketing techniques to attract new customers. To be fair, it is not entirely the casinos' fault, as rules set up to protect online advertising from a deluge of online gambling advertising have made it difficult for legal, physical properties to use the same kinds of tools that all other kinds of businesses have been using for the last decade. Facebook yesterday changed its terms to allow 'offline' casinos to purchase ads, and Google Adwords classifies "location-based or 'bricks and mortar' gambling" to be an "acceptable product".
Casinos have a steep learning curve ahead of them, as their online strategy in general, is often lagging significantly behind businesses in other categories of similar size and sophistication, but I'm sure that there are consultants (see CasinoPlanB!) who would be happy to help. There are tremendous opportunities to reach out to and engage new players through online channels, and the cost-effectiveness and control available online should make it relatively easy for casinos to start experimenting.