Settling into Drupal

Drupal is pretty amazing. For someone who has been working with CMS's for a long time, Drupal offers a fantastic combination of flexibility and simplicity. However, it achieves this by using a set of concepts that are pretty specific to Drupal, and they take a while to sink in. I'm finding working with Drupal to be like picking up a new programming language. You can read the tutorials, work with common settings and look at what other people have done, but in the end, you just have to spend time with the environment and slowly get comfortable.

Web Hosting

There are a lot of differences between NimbleMachine's web hosting services and most web hosting companies.

We are not the cheapest. If you want your content hosted on an overloaded machine with a hundred other clients, any of which can interfere with your website, then you can find hosting for $7 per month. Keep in mind, however, that these plans are cheap for a reason, and unless your website is a strictly casual affair, we recommend you keep away from the ultra-bargain hosting companies.

Something New

Technologists lack imagination. Technology is so co-emergent with corporate, capitalistic culture that it is difficult for new ideas to be free from profit motivations.
But systems that are really going to help people on a deep level need to be based on creative, spiritual and community principals, not profit.
We need a new imagining of goals for community system development that engages our better natures. We need to harness people's creativity and compassion. We need to support living together as free individuals by helping each other.