Technology services for Indian Tribes

NimbleMachine is a technology consulting company and software developer that is helping meet the needs of North American Indian Tribes and government communications and collaboration processes. We specialize in web-based application development on multiple platforms that support internal communications as well as wider community systems. Our technology experience is both deep and broad, and we are constantly educating ourselves to remain on top of current technologies.

The Third Wave

John Doerr, the legendary venture capitalist, recently was talking with Michael Arrington, from TechCrunch, about the extraordinary growth happening around companies connected to the social network, particularly through Facebook. Doerr has called this "The Third Wave", distinguishing it from personal computers and the Internet as waves one and two.

A Crack in Facebook's Garden Wall

The latest moves by Facebook, that seem to threaten the online privacy of millions of users, are causing many to question their relationship with Facebook. There is a nice post by OStatic on Why Open Alternatives are Bound to Challenge Facebook. There is some kind of basic disconnect between the needs of an online community and the profit-building needs of a growing company like Facebook. It seems to me that an online community needs to work much more like a cooperative than like a corporation.